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It works through hair

^That's the weirdest headline I have ever written^

OK here's the deal, sometimes you need to micro-needle different things for different reasons.

Let's say you're aging and you're afraid you're losing your hair, even though you clearly have a head full of hair, but you're still driven to stab your skull thru a mound of cowlick curls, and you need long needles to participate in vanity driven self-care... Well, this device does the trick.

But now let's say that you need to puncture holes in your scar tissue on your leg and you don't need micro needles as long as before.... Well, this device does the trick.

What I'm saying is: it's adjustable and sharp and seems easy to clean with a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol. - Tyson


Almost painless compared to Derma roller

I usually use the 1.5mm setting on a Derma roller i decided to test this out and I use the 1.75mm setting and for some reason it’s less painful than the Derma roller. It works great and had no problem with it getting stuck like the other reviews. - Mordy



Gently adjust needle length & read instructions about adjusting needle length before using

This is an excellent at-home tool. If you are already well into your skincare journey and routine, then adding this microneedling stamp will help your skin reach a new level of appearance. It's really affordable and great if you are not quite ready/sure about getting more intense treatments from a doctor for example.

When I broke my first stamp, I contacted their customer service email to ask for a replacement, and they sent me an additional stamp. They also clarified how to adjust the needles setting the next time.

Make sure you sanitize your skin and the tool as much as to can when you use it because no matter what tool you use lack of cleanliness with definitely negatively affect your experience.

I would also say proceed slowly and carefully. Don't just go "stamp happy" all over your face because that might cause more damage to your skin. I would also clean the needles with alcohol between each application.

Microneedle stamps are definitely more effective than derma rollers because they offer more control and produce less abrasion. That's why I switched from a roller to this stamp. Rollers always made me nervous even when I was really slow and deliberate in my technique.

I experience near instant results after each use. It works as intended. My skin just drinks up the toner and moisturizer I apply afterwards. My acne scars become less visible, less red/purple. I also have this scowl-wrinkle line between my eyebrows that has been getting deeper over the last year, and after each session, the wrinkle has gotten less and less visible. - Kirby



I like it!

I really like this stamp! I feel it’s much more comfortable and easier to do than a roller. I like that it’s adjustable so I can gradually go up without having to buy a new roller every single time. Although you should change them out about every 7 - 8 weeks or the needles get super dull. I’ve ordered another one already. It’s a good product overall. - Carmen



Great buy!!

This stamp was a great buy for my first couple of microneedling with a skinbooster. I tried a dermaroller but felt like I was losing a lot of product being able to roll at .25 mm. This stamp is great for beginners. Each area of the face is a little thicker and the stamp gives you the option to adjust the needle depth. I have a Dr. PEN and still find myself reaching for this stamp if or when I run out of cartridges. If you do purchase this check to make sure it actually moves properly before forgetting about it!! - Samantha



Cost-per-treatment can’t be beat

Easy to use, seems pretty effective so far (it’s only been 2 weeks, but I’m already seeing improvement in my forehead lines).

It does sting a bit, but it’s not that bad—you can power through. - Joey



Works as intended

Got this as a replacement for my derma roller. The stamp is way more manageable than a roller and arguably better for micro needling. I'm able to control my needling via stamping.

As for cleaning, I sorta wish the cap it comes with was transparent so I could, in one instant, sanitize the needles and know how much alcohol to put in. It's working as intended and so far no hiccups in the microneedling process. - Chris



Stamp over roller any day!

I used the derma roller for my scalp & wasn’t consistent as it would get tangle in my hair that was parted in sections as suggested. I kept wondering if I should purchase the stamp & boy I’m glad I did. This version is easier for those of us with hair & less painful. I even add alcohol to the base & stamp back on it & shake alcohol around to ensure cleansing before & after. - Mary


Love it!

Just started using to tighten, smooth and refresh 50ish skin. Ive sorry Been able to see a difference in a week (3X). Deeper wrinkles such as forehead and “elevens” May take some time, but already seeing a difference in pore size and skin smoothness. - Gigi



Better than expected

This actually worked reduce scaring on a tattoo. I would absolutely buy again. - Jeffrey



The simple stuff ALWAYS works

Works great, sharp and the needles go all the way in so the base (backboard) can be cleaned - Mia